Breed: Domestic Short Hair Tabby

Age: Adult

Sex: M

Size: L
this cat is not through Healing Animal SCARS program, we are just helping advertise for the woman who found him and rescued him, Candace. If you are interested in adopting him, please call Candace at 902-406-
Here is her description from the Kijiji ad she placed:
Found in Shearwater: A male (neutered) grey and black tabby. After a month of trying to find his owners, it has been confirmed that he was abandoned by a family that has now moved on.
He has been left out on the street for the last 3-4 months. When we found him, he has a severe wound on his shoulder and a cat tooth lodged in his neck. After vet care and love, he is now completely healed.
The vet's report states he is 14lbs, has a near perfect dental score (has a small chip fracture off tip of upper right canine but will in no way have any issue later on). His heart is strong, no murmur, no microchip and that he is between 3-5 years old.
Right now he's wrapped around my neck as I'm typing this giving my dog a dirty look. He is wary of other cats, which is understandable after what he's been through. He is good with children, being very patient with a variety of ages and stages of handling.
He's very affectionate and a glutton for food, but will require updated vaccinations and a very loving home that will love him forever. Which isn't hard to do.
If interested, please call 406- or email
I'd love to keep him, but with a dog, cat and child of my own, the cost of another critter is stretching our budget enough. Please help us find him a wonderful home.

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Contact: Healing Animal SCARS - Sonya's Cat & Animal Rescue Society | Eastern Passage, NS