I need to find a good home for our girl Sierra. She is such a sweet girl and great with kids and other animals. She does like to bark if someone comes to our door or is in our yard, but I guess that can be a good thing :) She was born in Dec , still a playful pup. She needs lots of attention and needs to be out running and playing, and out for walks, but I can not give that to her, so even though it will break my heart I need to look out for her best interest and try and find her the best home. She is house trained and knows the basic commands. She does still go in a crate at night, she likes to chew still!! :) Sierra will need to have needles and she is also not fixed. I am not just giving her away, I paid $600 for her back in Feb. I also feel that if you really do want a great dog and will care for them, then you will pay for them. I feel that if they are free then I could be giving her to someone mean who will not treat her the way I do, with love and respect. I love my dog to death and I know will bawl like a baby when I do find her the right person/family, but I know she will be much happier. If you think you can give Sierra the perfect home please email me and I will be intouch ASAP! If I find Sierra the perfect home I am willing to negotiate the price